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Resilient Realty takes the time to understand your needs as you journey through the real estate process. Whether you are buying, selling, or investing into the Southeastern Wisconsin real estate market, Resilient Realty's experienced and knowledgable agents will assist you along your endeavors.

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Learn everything you need to know about buying a home in our free homebuying ebook.

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Let our agents provide you with  a free, no obligation home valuation report.


An alternative approach to buying a home that allows you to purchase and renovate under one loan.

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What Our Customers Say

"Resilient Realty did an amazing job. The market is very challenging right now for buyers. They understand how houses are valued better than anyone I have worked with. When it came time to write an offer they guided me through the process and prevented me from making some big mistakes. The agents from Resilient Realty are true professionals and go above and beyond what most realtors are willing to do."


"We absolutely loved our experience! They make the effort to get to know you and your style so they could make sure the house we found was truly a home we could make lasting memories in. I highly recommend Resilient Realty for anyone buying or selling their home."


"Victoria from Resilient Realty found my first home! Listening to friends I know who went with another realtor and the struggles they endured made me so thankful to have Victoria as mine! We were looking in an area that I wasn’t completely familiar with but she did everything in her power to inform us of the area and homes we were looking at. She was honest and reliable and could tell she was genuine about finding us the perfect home. I will be using her in the future without a doubt.


About Resilient Realty

Greater Milwaukee Area's Most Innovative Realtors®

Resilient Realty has provided a multitude of real estate services to their clients in the Greater Milwaukee Area since 2014. Highly motivated and exponentially innovative, Resilient Realty specializes in residential real estate on all levels including buying, selling. renovation, remodeling, and contracting services.

Trustworthy, undeniably loyal, and accepting nothing but excellence, our agents work hard to ensure their client's needs are met with 110% satisfaction.

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